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はい! パイナップルです!

Seems like I have been neglecting my posting duties lately :P I have been getting back into my groove as a seiyuu fan, so please pardon the lack of posts (as always). I foresee more time being opened up for me in the future, so please hold on for all your PreMemo goodness. I do have a lot of posts I want to put up but always get distracted by new seiyuu releases  (#/。\#)

Anyway, to the main topic; The SG PreMemo League officially kicks off this Saturday with the Starter Deck (SD) Commemorative Release Tournament, Block A!

Why open the League with a SD Tourney, I hear you asking. Well, like I have mentioned on FB, it is to test players’ skill to work with what they have, instead of what they bought. It’s the most basic of decks out there and good training for making decisions when you don’t have an ideal hand. Of course some SDs are better than others, but other than that it’s mostly down to raw skill.

The ability to anticipate your Opponent’s moves is also a HUGE advantage the hardworking players are going to have going into the tournament. That’s because everyone is using a fixed structured deck, and you know exactly what are the key cards in his/her deck, what pumps there are, and even how many quantities of each card are included. Yes, this means that you can calculate out your Opponent’s strategies and moves.

To reduce the power disparity between the different series (as with any other card game, a power creep exists as more sets are released), the series will be split into 3 different Blocks; A, B and C. These Blocks indicate the different era and timelines of PreMemo history, and therefore are most alike to each other in terms of strength. To celebrate the start of our League, we will of course go with the first 5 series that laid the foundation for future successes!

It’s your choice who to bring to the ball~

Here are the details for the tournament;

Venue: Rapid Culture @ Funan DigitaLife Mall #05-18

Date: 24th March Saturday

Time: 1.30pm

Entry Fee: $5

Participation PR card: Official Promo Pack Vol.3; 1 per participant, overall Winner gets 1 more. 1 bonus will also be given out to the winner of our mini-game!

Each pack comes with one of the above PR cards, randomly-inserted!

Tournament Style: 4 Rounds Modified Swiss, Single Regulation, Unmodded Starter Deck Restricted

And here are your choice of weapons this time around

For Block A of the SD Restricted Tournament, you can only use SDs from K-On! (any of its 4 incarnations but no mixing), Ika Musume, Bakemonogatari, Ookami-san and Hidamari Sketch. The SDs MUST be unmodded eg. as if you took it straight out of the casing.

In case you wish to re-assemble your SD for this Tournament but can’t remember how the deck is built, here are all the deck recipes for the Block A SDs;

K-on! Part 1 (RED): http://www37.atwiki.jp/preciousmemories/pages/19.html
K-on! Part 2 (Blue): http://www37.atwiki.jp/preciousmemories/pages/373.html
K-on!! Part 1 (Yellow): http://www37.atwiki.jp/preciousmemories/pages/721.html
k-on!! Part 2 (White): http://www37.atwiki.jp/preciousmemories/pages/1535.html
Hidamari Sketch: http://www37.atwiki.jp/preciousmemories/pages/508.html
Bakemonogatari: http://www37.atwiki.jp/preciousmemories/pages/545.html
Okami-san: http://www37.atwiki.jp/preciousmemories/pages/1006.html
Ika Musume: http://www37.atwiki.jp/preciousmemories/pages/1007.html

Registration limit: Max. 20 players

Registration Date: 19th MAR (1.00pm) – 24th Mar (12.30pm)

Do note that tournament entry is based on a first-come-first-served basis, and you can only register for yourself. No booking for others is allowed.

Rapid Culture
109 North Bridge Road
Funan DigitaLife Mall
#05-18 S(179097)
tel: 6336 4963

I’ll be judging this Saturday again as with all other PreMemo tournaments, so I hope to see you guys there! As always, if you’re interested in taking a look around and perhaps learning how to play, do ask for a tutorial from any player before or after the tournament. I’m pretty sure they’ll direct you to me ^_^

Until next time, Good Night, and Good Luck.


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はい! パイナップルです!

A BIG thank you to those who came down to make the tournament last week such a smashing success! Our tournament actually exceeded our initial expectations and drew a full 16 man participation strength. Unfortunately I didn’t get to sit down much with the players and exchange more Deck pointers, but I do hope to see the same people and even more coming in the future! Event report will be out as soon as I receive the photos from the organizers, Rapidculture XD

What’s next, I hear you asking. Well, to better prepare our players for the upcoming Singapore PreMemo League, we will be pushing out more tutorials and tournaments to better induct more players into the community.

And just like how Homura set out to defeat Walpurgis Night by herself, we will training YOU to take down fiercer opponents! And what better way to do so than to polish your skills in a tournament? That’s right, it’s PreMemo’s very own Walpurgis Night crisis!

And as it was decreed, bring your shoujos, and they shall together fight the greatest evil

Here are the details for the tournament;

Venue: Rapid Culture @ Funan DigitaLife Mall #05-18

Date: 3rd March Saturday

Time: 3.30pm

Entry Fee: $4 OR any purchase of 2 Precious Memories Booster or Special Packs!

Participation PR card: Choice from 6 Series’ Heroines!

Tournament Style: Modified Swiss, Single Regulation

Registration limit: Max. 16 players

Registration Date: Walk-in, 3rd March Saturday 1pm to 3pm

Rapid Culture
109 North Bridge Road
Funan DigitaLife Mall
#05-18 S(179097)
tel: 6336 4963


These Magical Girls will aid your noble quest!

A complete set of Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica PreMemo Pack will be given to the winner! These set features the chibi versions of the girls, and comes fully foiled. A must have for collectors and fans alike (*ノ´□`)ノ

Of course, as usual, we will have tutorial sessions on the go, from 2pm all the way till 6pm. If you happen to be in the area, why not drop by and have some fun? Just approach any of our friendly coaches at the counter and we will provide you with an interactive and enriching learning experience ^_^

Until next time, Good Night, and Good Luck.

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