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はい! パイナップルです!

And finally, our first PreMemo tournament of 2012! Titled ‘Precious Memories TCG START!!’, this tournament aims to gather PreMemo lovers, players and collectors alike, to meet each other and talk about the game, as well as exchange pointers on our Decks.

Here are the details for the tournament;

Venue: Rapid Culture @ Funan DigitaLife Mall #05-18

Date: 25th Feb Saturday

Time: 2.30pm

Entry Fee: FREE!!

Participation PR card: SECRET~!!!

Tournament Style: Modified Swiss

Registration limit: Max. 16 players

Registration Date: 23rd Feb (1.00pm) – 25th Feb (2.00pm)

Rapid Culture
109 North Bridge Road
Funan DigitaLife Mall
#05-18 S(179097)
tel: 6336 4963


Madoka or Menma? Your choice of airhead!

A set of 70 Puella Magi Madoka☆Magica OR AnoHana PreMemo FESTA exclusive sleeves will be offered to the winner! It comes from my personal collection and is a result of my hard-earned battles at the Gunslinger event (・`ω´・)   ヾ

So no matter if you are new to the game seeking tips to improve, or interested in learning what the game is about, do come down and support the event! Our friendly tutors are always ready to teach you ^_^

~For the sake of Moe~

Hope to see you guys this Saturday!

Until next time, Good Night, and Good Luck.


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はい! パイナップルです!

A card translation after so long… Nearly forgotten how long one takes lol. Since I have some free time between now and after New Year’s, I’ll try to clear as many as I can while not forgetting about my anime and manga backlog. Please hold on for more (ノ´д`)

Finally, the sleeper hit Ano Hana has finally been released in Precious Memories. A show close to my heart, and I really like how the set reflects the scenes and themes from it. Do check the set out, the names of the Event cards are highly significant. I got the chance to see the CM for this set air in Akihabara itself. Researching and re-watching the show for this translation made me tear up again (;へ:)

The Super Peace Busters will always get along.

Ano Hana

Till next time, Good Night, and Good Luck.

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はい! パイナップルです!

I’ve safely arrived back in Singapore! PreMemo FESTA 2011 WINTER was a blast, and I really enjoyed myself a lot. 2 days of immersing myself in the midst of Precious Memories fans is to be treasured, as Singapore doesn’t give me that option and they eluded me even when shopping around Akihabara, Ikebukuro and Nakano. That’s why I took part in the Gunslinger Tournament, a continuous series of PreMemo matches until you either don’t feel like playing anymore or the time limit is up. The following is the battle report, while the full event report will soon follow. Hope you have as much fun reading as I have playing! (●´∀`●)


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はい! パイナップルです!

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates recently. There are loads of events spiraling out of my control and I had no choice but to take a break from the site. I actually have the OreImo Title Cup and August Monthly report right in my Drafts folder, so just hold on a little bit longer for that post ><

Now that the explanations are out of the way, let’s get down to what’s happening in the PreMemo world recently! A string of exciting announcements are await you, so hold on tight to your seats!


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