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はい! パイナップルです!

Over a month since I last posted! And the site’s theme is completely changed! What on Earth’s going on?!

Rest assured, this site is not going down, and your translations are still being done (albeit at my own pace). I have been tugged in more directions recently and became obsessed (I do not use that word lightly) with Super Sentai. PreMemo is still a part of me though, even if it takes a back seat for now. Right now I’m leaning towards getting new players into the game than actually keeping up my skills, so deck building and play-testing, things I did heavily in the past as a player, are set aside.

Carnival Phantasm; a surprise announcement made at PreMemo FESTA 2011 WINTER, this OVA made in commemoration of Typemoon’s 10th Anniversary was a huge hit with fans, due to its self-mocking and utterly contrasting themes from the originals. Featuring characters from both Melty Blood AND Fate/Stay Night, it was a great way to see how both worlds collide.

Carnival Phantasm in PreMemo has thus replicated that success, boasting 9 Booster Signeds, colorful artwork and groundbreaking effects. In fact, I have seen many new players jump on board because of this series, which is always great for the community! To help you new players out, I have taken a break from Gokaiger (and even Akibaranger ( TДT)) and finished up card translations for the set!

You just gotta love this trio.

Carnival Phantasm

Oh, and I realized I never mentioned this before, but for those of y’all who have Facebook, we do have a Facebook group set up for English PreMemo fans here. The group’s name is SG Precious Memories but it’s only because I can’t think of a proper name for it; all fans from all nationalities are welcome! So whether you’re looking for somewhere to ask questions or want to keep up with PreMemo news (I update waaaaaaay more often on the Page than this blog), do join the group!  (*´・v・)

Till next time, Good Night, and Good Luck.


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