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はい! パイナップルです!

A card translation after so long… Nearly forgotten how long one takes lol. Since I have some free time between now and after New Year’s, I’ll try to clear as many as I can while not forgetting about my anime and manga backlog. Please hold on for more (ノ´д`)

Finally, the sleeper hit Ano Hana has finally been released in Precious Memories. A show close to my heart, and I really like how the set reflects the scenes and themes from it. Do check the set out, the names of the Event cards are highly significant. I got the chance to see the CM for this set air in Akihabara itself. Researching and re-watching the show for this translation made me tear up again (;へ:)

The Super Peace Busters will always get along.

Ano Hana

Till next time, Good Night, and Good Luck.


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